Magento – the best choice for ecommerce

Within a short span of time, Magento has revolutionized e-commerce and emerged as the leader due to its blend of designs and administration panel comprising all you need to administer any type of ecommerce site. It has transformed the face of e-commerce, making shopping a trouble free and pleasant experience for both the online shoppers and the vendors. With its professional Web 2.0 appearance, well designed templates and ease of use, it distinguishes itself from other e-commerce providers such as OScommerce, Zen Cart. Its outstanding attributes have the ability to attract numerous visitors and provide great returns on investment.

Let us examine some of the features of Magento that truly make it the leader in e-commerce.

Its step by step installation guide makes it one of the easiest e-commerce providers to work with. Magento’s themes are remarkable with a combination of high color contrast and superb graphics. It allows you to display new merchandise on your homepage. With Magento the shopping cart is clearly visible. The placement of the navigation menu helps the users in easy navigation. With Magento you can be assured of high-speed loading.

Magento provides a shopping cart with numerous options for payment, platform to judge against other products and search engine optimized URLs tags. Magento manifests its popularity with optimized ecommerce support for digital and downloadable products such as ebooks, software, etc.

The administration panel of Magento offers merchandise creation, shopping cart, catalog administration and order follow up. Once you set up the shopping cart and the payment options, then you can also make use of Magento’s advanced features of tracking, creating discount options, endorsements, etc to get the users glued to your site.

Besides, it gives you absolute customization owing to its extensions and modules. With its modules you can be assured of unobstructed scalability. With its extension you can make adjustments and revisions easily in addition to getting enhanced performance. Moreover, for your mobile customers Magento provides you with iphone enabled theme.

This open source helps you manage numerous sites and e-commerce stores with just one administration system. With the availability of high-quality content management and rapid and uncomplicated upgradation, Magento has a lot to offer.

With the presence of Catalog management you can amend, change or remove product tags and product comparisons. In addition to the option for numerous product pictures you have the option of product image zoom available in Magento.

Administering shipment is uncomplicated with Magento’s integrated calculation system for various delivery companies such as DHL, Fed Ex, etc. The interesting characteristic of Magento is that by design, it computes the taxes on orders in addition to supporting various currencies on a single website. With its 100% secure data encryption, Magento stands out from the crowd as the most safe ecommerce provider on the web.

Magento is undoubtedly the best and most professional choice for e-commerce on the internet today.